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Integrated equipment: Dimmers+Control desk+Voltage change

Integrated equipment in one flightcase comprising two Power 6-3 SK dimmers, one Nocturne 12/24 DMX control desk and a voltage change for mains supply of 380V and 220V three-phase or 220V single-phase.

Power 6-3 SK dimmer:

6-channel dimmer of 3kW per channel.
Charge outputs by one double-base schuko per channel. They are protected by 16-Amp one-pole breakers for each channel.
Load is controlled by 40A 400V triacs.
Minimum and output adjustment per channel by potentiometers.
Digital DMX-512 input signal.

Nocturne 12/24 DMX:

12 or 24 channel control desk.
Two manual presets of 12 or 24 channels.
Up to 12 chasers of 64 steps as maximum may be recorded.
144 scenes can be memorised on its 24 channels, which are distributed over 12 pages of 12 scenes each one.
0.1 to 60 seconds Time fade which is adjustable by a potentiometer.
Chasers may be played back automatically at speed shown or in time to background music picked up by built-in electret microphone.
All signal output instant blockage by Black out.
Blind mode to reprogram or examine any scene while outputs remain unchanged.
In Play position, the 12 bottom potentiometers become scene submasters, which allow playing back several scenes at the same time.
Analogue 0-10V and digital DMX-512 output signals.

Voltage change:

Double-base schuko with protection by fuse for charge testing.
Manual voltage change by star-triangle slide for three-phase 380V and 220V or single-phase 220V.
Cetac connector mains input.
Maximum charge 24000W
Analogue input signal 0-10V by SUB D-15 connector and digital input and output signal DMX-512 by XLR-5 connectors.
Rotating switch for addressing all the digital channels.

Main technical features

Power Supply Three-phase 380V/220V 50Hz or single-phase 220V
Power 6/3 power supply Three-phase 220V or 380V 50Hz
Nocturne 12/24 power supply Single-phase 220V 50Hz
Minimum load per channel 100W
Maximum load per channel 3.000W
Total maximum load 18.000W
Output breakdown 16 Amp/canal
Nocturne absorbed power 10W
Nocturne protection fuse 5x20 0,5A
Analogue connectors Sub D-15 pins
Digital connectors XLR-5 pins
Exterior finish Blue and black
Dimensions 284x520x486mm

Brand: Strong
Reference: 24000030
Specifications: Download
Catalog: Download
User manual: Not available
Statement of compliance EC: Download


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