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Lighting, control and effects

Strong is the brand of Staging Trussing & Lighting, S.L. dedicated to the spectacular lighting. Their specialists meet all needs related to the entertainment and lighting industry.

Strong is known for its large experience in the sector and the ability to advise and plan all projects, whatever their size or complexity.

Design and manufacture of projectors, dimmers, lighting desks, effect machines and theatrical accessories.

National and international marketing.

Advice, planning and equipment of any local.

Installation of full equipment and maintenance.

All Strong products are characterized by their strength and reliability, ensuring the absolute safety and keeping the equipment in working order.

After many years of experience designing and manufacturing products in this sector, Strong has a large range of products with lots of references, which is completed with customized designs if the installation require.

Strong stands out for its constant research, and the ability to incorporate into its product line, all kinds of technological innovations related to the spectacular and professional lighting. This trademark of Staging Trussing & Lighting, S.L. has a R&D Department to provide their products with high quality, reliability and durability.

Innovation and high technology development aims to provide a wide range of products and make available advanced technology at competitive prices.

Strong product range is specially designed for professional use in theatres, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms, etc. It includes fixed projectors, lighting control desks, controllers, power amplifiers, programmable tables, DMX accessories (Splitters, mixers and amplifiers), architectural lighting, and motor controllers.


Strong projector families include projectors with halogen or discharge lamps, LED, colour changing, etc. All of them are designed to create the most spectacular lighting effects. Apart from lamp projectors, which were and remain the focus of reference, Strong has invested in LED projectors since its appearance in the market. Nowadays, they are an important part of all projectors, thanks to its high performance and energy efficiency.


Strong has many references on manual and/or programmable lighting desks, controllers and DMX accessories. All these models are distinguished for being intuitive, easy to use and highly reliable.

Estructuras metálicas


Dimmer family is composed by wall, rack 19”, portable and even individual light regulation. All of them have in common their great strength and durability.

Estructuras metálicas

Special Effects

Smoke machines, confetti and foam cannons, and all kinds of accessories to create spectacular effects.

Maquinaria escénica


Among the theatrical accessories we include all types of products such as safety cables, projector clamps, dichroic glasses, standard or custom gobos, different supports, a wide range of gelatine filters, etc.

Technical Service

Strong customers can use our service department to solve any possible problem and issue with any of our products.

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