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POWER 6-3 TR Port

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Portable dimmers

6-channel dimmers of 3 kW which are especially designed for portable appliances.

These dimmers allow users to work with the following input signals: analogue 0-10 V DC or digital DMX-512. Output loads are controlled by 40A triacs which are cooled in both cases by a black anodised aluminium radiator and a fan which is automatically controlled depending on the internal temperature.

Four curves are available to each channel: linear with voltage, linear with light, fluorescent and on-off.

Output plugs to the loads are schuko (double socket per channel) or Harting multiconnector.

Each unit includes an LCD frontal display for showing the information given by the power unit and for programming the different available options.

The output charge channels are protected separately by a two-pole breaker (phase and neutral) per each channel.

Test function for external checking of the signal and power installation. Automatic control of the mains frequency.

Made according to EC specifications.

These are the programmable functions available in this unit:
•Addressing of the channel number
•Selecting the type of curve for each channel
•Minimum and maximum levels per channel
•Selecting the chaser to run
•Test function

Main technical features

Power supply Three-phase 400V 50Hz
Minimum load per channel 100W
Maximum load per channel 3.000W
Total maximum load 18.000W
Output breaker switch 16A
Digital Input Signal DMX-512 (1990)
Digital input connector XLR-5 pins
Analogue input signal 0-10V (1mA per channel)
Analogue input connector SUB-D 9 pins
Exterior finish Black colour
Weight 10 Kg.

Brand: Strong
Reference: 07000054
Catalog: Download
Specifications: Download
User manual: Not available
Statement of compliance EC: Download


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